The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe

If you think you know all there is to know about Marilyn Monroe … think again. In a groundbreaking publication that rescues one of the most dynamic icons of our time from the static sex symbol into which she is often trivialized, and dismissed, New York Times best-selling author and widely read journalist J. Randy Taraborrelli delivers his most iconclastic work yet in The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe. This aggressively researched biography sidelines sensationalism and innuendo for history and fact in an aggressively researched work of documentary journalism that challenges many of the assumptions about the star’s family, mental health, personal life, relationship with the Kennedys and more. While so many Monroe biographies recycle fiction as fact and become lost in the dappled surfaces of the Marilyn illusion, The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe favors the real person, the deeper story, as seen from the perspective of the only one that matters: Norma Jeane’s.