Once Upon a Time

If you could talk to the person you were twenty years ago, what would you say?

In a powerful and moving exploration of what happens when fantasy and reality collide, New York Times best selling biographer and journalist J. Randy Taraborrelli investigates the truth behind America’s most famous true-to-life Cinderella story.   Drawing upon hundreds of exclusive interviews with both family and friends, ONCE UPON A TIME: Behind the Fairy Tale of Princess Grace and Prince Rainier tells the story of Grace Kelly’s marriage to Monaco’s Prince Rainier, leading readers not just into what was at times a black and white tale of love and romance, but also into what eventually became a gray and far more universal world of missed opportunities, choice and consequences, the lust for freedom and the sacrifice of ambition and success.

Grace Kelly gave up an Academy Award-winning career to marry a man she barely knew, Prince Rainier of Monaco.  Swept away by the idea of becoming royalty, she threw caution to the wind for the sake of fantasy and, in the process, made the biggest mistake of her life.  “At that point, she had a choice to make,” says Taraborrelli, “and, as readers will see, she chose to find a way to make a life that no longer worked… work.  It’s an incredible survivor-story, one that has resonated with so many of my readers.  We’ve all made mistakes that we were sure we’d never recover from, but with persistence and the right attitude, we can also find ways to right our toppled lives – and that’s what Grace Kelly did … and how she eventually became one of the greatest princesses of all time.”