For more than six decades she was part of our lives.  An American icon, Elizabeth Taylor was famous and notorious since childhood.  With this book – another New York Times bestseller for him – J. Randy Taraborrelli looks past the tabloid version of Elizabeth’s life to the person she really is – and how she evolved from a child star to a woman in her own right.

At the heart of ELIZABETH is the first fully realized portrait of Elizabeth Taylor’s family: her canny, controlling mother, who, from the moment she laid eyes on her baby, began plotting her success; and her father, often portrayed as distant, but whose connection with his daughter was far more complex than people knew.  As Taraborrelli brings to life the people around Elizabeth and her rise in 1940s Hollywood, he reveals the qualities that made her a star, the associations that put her at the right place at the right time, and the ways in which she was singularly unprepared.