Call Her Miss Ross

This is the classic J. Randy Taraborrelli biography.  “Call Her Miss Ross,” Taraborrelli’s first New York Times’ bestseller, was published back in 1989.  It redefined the genre of pop music bios, becoming one of the biggest selling books of its time.  Taraborrelli, who started his career working for the Supremes as a youngster first in his hometown of Morton, Pennsylvania and then (after graduating from high school) in Los Angeles, California, utilized all of his Motown connections to research this book, the first ever biography of Diana Ross.  Taraborrelli interviewed Motown stars, friends, family members as well as Diana Ross herself for this epic biography.  The picture of Ross that emerges is vivid and memorable as a courageous woman who did whatever she had to do to make it in a cut-throat, male-dominated record industry.  A trailblazer from the beginning of her career, Ross helped spearhead the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s and is considered  the greatest achievement  of Berry Gordy’s cross-over aspirations for Motown Records, encapsulated by his credo of “The Sound of Young America.”   She would go on to make films – such as “Lady Sings the Blues” – as well as television specials and, of course, music… music… and more music.  Today, Diana continues to tour to standing room only audiences.  In January, 2018, a remix of her classic hit, “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” soared to Number One on the Billboard Dance Charts.  Indeed, she remains a timeless icon… “Miss Ross,” forever more.