After Camelot

A Personal History of the Kennedy Family

In a major sequel to JACKIE, ETHEL, JOAN: Women of Camelot, the biopic that became an NBC miniseries and came to redefine the Kennedy genre, multi-bestselling author and journalist J. Randy Taraborrelli delivers a comprehensively researched, revelatory new book about the Kennedy clan that closes the final chapters on one of America’s most celebrated political dynasties. AFTER CAMELOT: A Personal History of the Kennedy Family 1968 to the Present (Grand Central Publishing Hardcover; $29.99; April 24, 2012) is the completion of over two decades of meticulous research by an author who is famous for sweeping, objective histories of America’s most famous legends and icons. Featuring exclusive interviews with Kennedy family and friends, including never-before-revealed details about the Jacqueline Kennedy-Aristotle Onassis marriage, the intense political rivalry between Sargent Shriver and Ted Kennedy and how it kept Shriver out of the White House, Ethel’s personal ordeal following Bobby’s assassination and the many challenges faced by the third generation of the Kennedys, from overdoses and accidents to social and political triumphs, AFTER CAMELOT will be the political publishing event of the year.

AFTER CAMELOT became THE KENNEDYS: AFTER CAMELOT when it was adapted by Reelz for a stunning TV miniseries starring Katie Holmes (as Jackie Onassis) and Matthew Perry (as Ted Kennedy).  J. Randy Taraborrelli acted as an Executive Producer on the four hour series.

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