J. RANDY on JAMIE AUCHINCLOSS – Jackie’s half-brother!

Published: February 21, 2018

Most people don’t know that Jackie Kennedy Onassis and Lee Radziwill have a half-brother, Jamie Auchincloss.  He, Jackie and Lee had the same mom, Janet Auchincloss.  Jamie was a primary source for my latest book, “Jackie, Janet & Lee – the Secret Lives of Janet Auchincloss and her daughters, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Lee Radziwill.”

Without Jamie, I’m not sure how I would have been able to write this book.  He’s never written his memoir and was a first-hand witness to so much history.  He knew JFK well, was at his inauguration … at his funeral, and has so many incredible memories not only of the President, but also his mom, Janet, and his half-sisters, Jackie and Lee.  I’m very honored that he would allow me access not only to his wealth of anecdotes, but also to many of his private photographs seen in my book for the first time.  I was very honored to have his trust for my book, which means so much to me.  I hope Jamie is as happy with the result as I am.

That’s Jamie, one of my favorite a witnesses to history, below standing right behind Bobby Kennedy at JFK’s funeral… and there are other photos of Jamie posted here, as well.