Kirkus Reviews: ‘After Camelot’: Profiling America’s Royal Family (Interview)


From Kirkus Reviews: In the very first interview Taraborrelli has given on his latest work, After Camelot: A Personal History of the Kennedy Family 1968 to the Present, a continuation of the Kennedy family profile after 2000’s Jackie, Ethel, Joan, the author spoke to us about an affinity for the icons he profiles, his exacting writing process, why he won’t be writing a posthumous Whitney Houston biography and the details about a carefully shrouded project he’s just embarked upon.

You met Jackie Kennedy Onassis in a New York City elevator in 1985. Was that the start of your interest in the Kennedys?

I was always interested in the Kennedys from the age of 7, sitting at a desk with a portrait of President Kennedy on the wall behind me. The Kennedys were such an important part of my family’s interest in politics. I spent so many hours talking to my mother about the Kennedy women. My dad was always a great fan of Sargent Shriver. They have always been a personal interest and favorite of mine.