Houston Chronicle: Taraborrelli’s “painstaking detail”

Published: February 2, 2017

From The Houston Chronicle:

What makes “Becoming Beyoncé” a sometimes fascinating read, then, is the painstakingly detail. Taraborrelli shows us the complex, contentious framework that was put into place to transform Beyoncé into a superstar. He delves deep into her history and paints a picture of a family held together, and ultimately changed, by secrets, ambition and unresolved conflicts.

Taraborrelli spends a good portion of the book outlining Beyoncé’s early career, which included scrappy girl groups and failed record deals. She was bullied because of her light skin, he says, and was a shy, insecure child. But Beyoncé blossomed as part of kiddie group Girls Tyme, an early incarnation of what would become Destiny’s Child.

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