Globe: “Taraborrelli has researched his socks off…”

Published: February 2, 2017

From the Globe & Mail:

The truth is that Taraborrelli has researched his socks off and on the grim life of Monroe’s mother and the impact on Marilyn, this book does break ground not covered before.

So this Secret Life is judicious: It is confident that Marilyn slept with JFK, very dubious about RFK, and far more drawn to the idea that Monroe’s death was the misadventure of a wreck who couldn’t count the pills she had taken. Taraborrelli composes his book in short, heightened sequences – very much like the pacing of a movie – and he writes with an unashamed over-excitement. But the reader is hooked by the horror of it all. Like so many people who knew her, you go through the process of wanting to help and then of seeing that help can never reach this victim.

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