From Kirkus Reviews: In the very first interview Taraborrelli has given on his latest work, After Camelot: A Personal History of the Kennedy Family 1968 to the Present, a continuation of the Kennedy family profile after 2000’s Jackie, Ethel, Joan, the author spoke to us about an aff ...
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By Wendy Coakley-Thompson: J. Randy Taraborrelli is an enviable position. Today, he drops Michael Jackson: The Magic, the Madness, the Whole Story 1958–2009, the re-release of his similarly titled 1991 bestseller. His new book, The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe, debuts mere weeks later on ...
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From CBS News: Diana Ross is known as much for her unique voice as for her diva attitude. Ross first made her name with the Supremes -- the real Dreamgirls -- in the 1960s. Forty years later, she is still a force in the music business, despite some well-publicized arrests and other incidents.The rec ...
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